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About Us and the Trade Show Industry

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), the majority of professionals attend trade shows to look for new products, get insights on industry trends and enjoy the unique capability of face-to-face connection with suppliers and colleagues that only exhibitions can provide. Exhibitors primarily participate to generate leads, enhance branding and nurture and upsell relationships with current customers.

In essence: B2B NETWORKING.

ACOB is just that, a data-centric event matchmaking company focused on pairing the most qualified attendees with solutions-oriented exhibitors to aid in networking and accelerating business at trade shows through our suite of homegrown solutions that ranges from data preparation and data mining to marketing strategy and smart appointment-setting tools.

ACOB guides show organizers every step of the way with our comprehensive solution to more than double the number of matched networking meetings to take place on the exhibition floor, helping participants to find what they are looking for–consciously or subconsciously.

Our Business Networking suite of solutions are:
Business Networking: During the trade show, show organizers work to host the maximum number of networking meetings among exhibitors, attendees and peers to optimize their participation. We use data analysis to understand attendees and exhibitors’ interests, which allows us to suggest suitable matches for meetings.
Marketing Strategy: We design, write, send, post, and share content targeted to identified profiles, which helps build a relationship with the proper match to enhance B2B Networking on the exhibition floor.
Data Analysis: It’s the stage that employs algorithms to discover what insights data can tell us. This category delivers important and valuable intelligence to be used for strategic actions. Typical outcomes at this stage include enhanced attendee and exhibitor profiles, behaviors and geographic analysis.
Data Integration: It’s where our customer’s touch-points take place, including registration, lead retrieval, apps, formats, call center and other valuable services to collect event raw data and integrate it in real-time into a single updated and integrated database.
Data Cleansing: It’s the first stage in which we define the data health strategy according to needs and goals, and then clean, de-duplicate and enrich the data.

Our History

ACOB’s origins began in 1990 when Jorge Flores, founder of the company, developed a barcode reader to complete his Bachelor in Computer Engineering. His first idea was to sell barcode readers to industry, commerce and health services.

ACOB was founded in 1992 when Jorge Flores and Ruben Carrasco meet each other at a regional trade show where Jorge was demonstrating the barcode technology – a hot trend at that time – to the attendees in a small booth. At that time, Ruben was working for the Government of Mexico.

During the trade show, Jorge and Ruben decided to start a company together to provide services related to the barcode technology. Ruben quit his job and developed the software as the first product of our firm: an attendance solution based in automatic identification.

Rubén Carrasco, Jorge Flores y René Osorio. Acob 1996

However, a short time later, Ruben arranged to provide registration services for a meeting of their alma mater, the Monterrey Institute of Technology. One of the speakers, who came from Hewlett Packard Mexico, saw the solution and was interested in taking it to the events HP organized.

It was the beginning of a relationship that lasted seven years and provided great experience for Jorge and Ruben in corporate marketing, B2B networking, administration, legal and human resources.

During this period, another great influencer started a relationship with ACOB: INTEL, the giant microprocessors maker, chose the company to manage programs to reach small computer builders in the country.

ACOB has been recognized as a visionary technological pioneer in Mexico, being the first to offer:

  • Local Area Networks and barcodes for registration (early 1990s)

  • Registration Web pages (late 90s)

  • Web 2.0 smart event management software (2001)

  • On-line and on-site registration synchronization during show days (2005)

  • Up-to-the-minute online and onsite consolidated reports (2006)

  • Business intelligence services (data mining) (2010)

  • Internet marketing services (2011)

  • Beacons located indoors (2015)

  • Mobile applications for every key stakeholder, including organizers, exhibitors, attendees, speakers, and others (2016)

In order to extend services to Canada and the Northeast of the United States, we acquired NEWLINK EVENTS, an Ontario-based registration company. In 2012, NEWLINK EVENTS changed its name to ACOB CANADA. ACOB CANADA is a member of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE). ACOB changed its name to ACOB TECNOLOGIA DE DATOS and is a member of AMPROFEC.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

ACOB’s vision is to empower people with relevant, updated and real time fact-based information through the best technology tools to help them network with the right partner to solve their present and future business needs.

Our mission is to use data to help our customers’ customers make informed decisions. ACOB will ensure our customers receive their return on investment. We will be a valuable competitive advantage for the show organizers who leverage our platform and expertise.

We believe in the power of data, technology and science for making informed decisions with the help of our talented, trained and highly skilled team who work together to serve you. We have a unified commitment to give our time and energy to designing, building and delivering original and creative outcomes.

Our mission acob

Our Team

We believe that a great company is a result of great people.

At ACOB, we are proud of our team members, who are skilled, ethical and creative professionals, putting their time and effort into delivering outstanding results for our valued clients.

Our founder, Jorge Flores, wants ACOB to help our team fulfill their personal goals, in the same way they help ACOB accomplish its objectives and client commitments.

Jorge Flores


Jorge Flores

A computer engineer (Tecnológico de Monterrey) and MBA (University of Phoenix) businessman who found ACOB 25 years ago. Along with his people, he searches for ways to improve the trade show industry. He employs data mining sciences and marketing strategies to help businesses find their perfect clients. -He’s a dog lover, he eats clean and has goes to the gym almost daily for nearly 10 years now- you can even find him there during Christmas Break!



Rubén Carrasco

TI Director

Rubén Carrasco
TI Director

A system Engineer and Master in Information Technology (Monterrey Institute of Technology). He used to work in the Mexican government as the Computer Department Director, but decided to quit his job in pursuit of co-founding ACOB. He and his teammates are devoted to develop and enhance ACOB products and services providing the tools to create a dynamic and friendly networking ecosystem for tradeshows and conferences. Rubén likes music, videogames, movies and travel, he enjoys discovering new places, food and cultures.